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Alight Motion Pro Apk 

Download cool text animation presets pack for alight motion. Ready to use professional-looking text animation preset change text and use it in any video you want. You can download this preset pack from the download button given below.

How to Import File in Alight Motion

  • Extract the Zip file using “WINRAR” any other what you have.
  • Tap on Alight Motion Project File or Select xml file and share with Alight Motion
  • Project File Automatically Redirect to Alight Motion App and for xml Go to the Alight Motion App.
  • Then edit project file according to video.
  • Then Export your intro and Cheers! all set :))

If you are having any issue with downloading than try to refresh the page, if still not working then copy and paste this post URL to a different browser.

10 Text Animation presets Alight motion link direst download link no password required in

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is the world’s first professional Motion Design app for smartphones and tablets. Create videos with professional-quality animation, visual effects, motion graphics and more!

Import XML Project Files in Alight Motion

Before we know How to import XML Project Files in Alight Motion, is important to know that alight motion is not allow anymore to import XML Project Files. The only way we can import a alight motion XML project files is downgrading our alight motion another way to say using old version of alight motion APK.


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